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Vidyz review for the best video marketing platform by Brett Rutecky and Mike from Maine

Feb 10th 10am – Feb 14th midnight
Creator: Brett Rutecky and Michael Thomas
Cost: $37 Earlybird Price – Then will increase to $47
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Vidyz is a secure video hosting created by marketers like Brett Rutecky and Mike Thomas for professional marketers. With this new video platform you can control 100% of your traffic for more views, leads & sales …
On Sunday, Fеbruаrу 10th at 10аm EDT 2019, the creators аrе rеlеаѕіng a nеw Vіdео ѕуѕtеm dеѕіgnеd fоr you tо bе аblе tо hоѕt уоur mаrkеtіng vіdеоѕ аnd рlау thеm оn your оwn website OR оn оur сlоud-bаѕеd SEO орtіmіzеd раgеѕ WITHOUT losing trаffіс tо еxtеrnаl lіnkѕ like Yоutubе hаѕ оn them.
It іnсludеѕ thе аbіlіtу to аutорlау уоur vіdеоѕ аnd еvеn rеdіrесt реорlе tо ANY lіnk уоu wаnt when thе video еndѕ.
Thіѕ ѕуѕtеm іnсludеѕ EVERYTHING уоu need to hоѕt уоur videos рrоfеѕѕіоnаllу аnd nоt lоѕе ANY trаffіс
It is a a real challenge to increase conversion rates with your video. Businesses feel that video marketing is an important part of their strategy.
Stop losing traffic with “link-free” video player…Vidyz is a new generation of video hosting platforms .


 The problem with video  

What is the problem we are facing when we want to post an online video?
Obviously, we need a hosting platform for these videos, but the problem today with video platforms is that they are not intended for the marketers.
Vimeo, YouTube,etc are great platforms but they have buttons, links, images and  ads on every video hosted ,that steal your site traffic away from you.
You also face the competition with millions and millions of other videos that are on-line. 90-95% of those videos are really called hobby videos; they’re not out there to sell anything. If you’re doing this for a business, you have to get serious about it, it has to be quality, and it has to be professional because it’s a first impression. What’s the saying, first impressions are lasting impressions?’

 The solution 

The proposed solution is to use the marketing video platform called  Vidyz It looks professional, it is very effective and you don’t need tech skills because is 100% beginner friendly.
Video is not necessarily to sell your product, but to draw people into the sales letter and than send the right people to your offer. You’ve got a really targeted person coming out of that funnel.
So please read my Vidyz review to get an idea about this product.


Vidyz review infographics1

Vidyz  review

Vidyz has a phenomenal set of capabilities. Once you get in there and start playing with it, you’ll see that it’s pretty easy to use. You’ve got everything you need for your business right there.


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 What VIDYZ is gonig to do for you 

We will list some of the benefits provided by this system below:
  • zero cost to host your videos (no domain or hosting needed). You can use the cloud-based SEO optimized and Social Media-ready video pages included
  • you leverage up to 47% more traffic because is 100% mobile friendly
  • stops visitors and traffic losing out through other external platforms or associated videos
  • increase sales naturally by adding buy buttons, clickable links, coupons, and call-to-actions to ANY video for more sales
  • maximize views because with the video auto-play feature, your message will be seen by more people
  • auto-redirect viewers to any link you want without them clicking a link
  • you can work directly from your smartphone to record or upload your videos


Vidyz review with infographics 2 about benefits


 Target Audience. Who can use vidyz platform? 

  • any serious marketer who wants his business to grow by using videos
  • to present or sell products
  • for information campaigns
  • for product reviews or
  • simply to keep up to date with news from any field or niche
Whether you are a :
  • eCom Store Owner
  • Blogger
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Product Owner
  • Affiliate Marketer
Vidyz will help you MAXIMIZE views by auto playing videos to get your message seen by more people.

 Let’s see what is in the product 



Log in and enter in the member area Vidyz.
You will see  my videos  area where you can upload your videos.
Here you can view your video, integrate, edit settings or delete it.
If you want to integrate video, the system will generate a code or a line of CSS to put into your site to make your video mobile responsive.
Also the system will give you a URL page for your hosted videos.


Vidyz review present my video area


The  edit settings  area comes with many applications.So you can:
  • redirect video and put any link you want to show when the video ends.
  • make video public or not
  • add a description to your video
  • add a button on the page
  • use slide inside the video and even you can show time when you want to see the slide

Vidyz review- edit settings from your hosting videos

In  My Slides area you can create and edit slides which you can integrate into video. It has a drag and drop editing page, where you can insert links, pictures, buy button or anything else you want.You don’t need to have technical skills to make a slide, is very easy to use.

vidyz review slide builder area

You can even  create your own advertising gif  with a click of a button.


 integrate area from Vidyz review
 Tutorials area 
The platform includes a series of tutorials in which Brett Rutecky explains every step you need to follow to use the system effectively.
These tutorials are for: basic overview, video settings, embed code, using slides, video pages, creating Gif’s, saving bandwidth, video stats.
There is also a contact and support space where any problem can be solved by sending an email to the supportdesk and receiving an answer as soon as possible.


vidyz review tutorials area

 What I like about the product  -Vidyz review

  • video player is fully customizable
  • auto-play all your marketing videos in any browser
  • you can sell products INSIDE videos with buy buttons
  • add clickable links, call to actions, coupons, to any video for more sales, right in the video
  • easily share your video and embed anywhere, on any website
  • powerful analytics and tracking included
  • auto-redirect viewers to ANY link you want
  • cloud-based SEO optimized video pages
  • supports full HD videos
  • 100% mobile friendly, plays on all mobile devices
  • advanced analytics and tracking
  • secure video hosting
  • Very easy to use, no technical skill  required

 What I don’t like about the Vidyz product 

  • you can have only 10 simultaneous videos on the front end product
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 Upgrades Available 


 F/E : Vіdуz  ($37-$47)
Fully cloud bаѕеd vіdео hоѕtіng / marketing рlаtfоrm: In video call to actions, соuроnѕ, аnd offers. Autо-rеdіrесt аt the еnd of vіdео. Suрроrtѕ high definition / hіgh rеѕоlutіоn vіdеоѕ. Autо generated, SEO frіеndlу, Social Media орtіmіzеd vіdео раgеѕ. Cuѕtоmіzаblе vіdео рlауеr. Clісkаblе саll to асtіоn slides іn уоur vіdеоѕ.
 OTO 1: Pro Uрgrаdе  ($67-$97)
Remove branding оn player and аutо generated vіdео раgеѕ. Clickable / сuѕtоmіzаblе lower 3rd links оn уоur vіdео. GIF сrеаtоr (turn уоur vіdеоѕ іntо аnіmаtеd GIF’s)
 OTO 2: Entеrрrіѕе  ($47 per mоnth, $197 per уеаr, $397 оnе time)
Dеvеlореr rіghtѕ wіth UNLIMITED videos: remove thе 10 vіdео lіmіt, super fаѕt servers аnd CDN (thе ѕаmе nеtwоrk Netflix uses)


 My Bonuses  inside Vidyz review

Limited time bonuses (only in launch) real value  $1157 – click here to see 

1) Prfit Canvas
2) Instant Video Site
3) Review Wizard
4) Brett’s Circle
5) Slide Capture
6) Affiliate Trax
7) Bounce Baby
8) Content Lock
9) Video Takeover
10) Link Master

Plus My personal bonuses – real value  $147 Click here 

Vidyz review special bonuses


 My Final Thoughts about Vidyz Review  


vidyz infographics 3 for final Thoughts

Give it a try to Vidyz video platform. It comes with 14 days money back guarantee.Nothing to lose!

 Vidyz is the ONLY marketing video hosting you’ll EVER need! 

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I hope you liked our Vidyz review .Thank you!
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