Search Engine Optimization-The Basics SEO

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Search Engine Optimization-The Basics SEO

Search Engine Optimization  and  The Truth About SEO

Most people are sold on the dream that SEO is the cure-all to their financial woes and they are going to become rich.
I am here to tell you; this very rarely happens and if it does it is accomplished by those with experience; in internet marketing.
Google is the search engine that must include your website. Keep in mind that Google has about fifty billion websites growing every day. You have to ask yourself such numbers, why does Google need to crawl your small site? To be honest, you may not be indexed if you are not careful
Your website is completed, now what?
When your website is up and running, you must jump to the so-called “search engine optimization”. SEO is not a one-step process. Search engine optimization must be performed frequently to maintain your search engine rankings.
Your real goal must be to bring customers to your website:
You must also promote your website so that your products and services can be displayed in front of your potential customers. Remember, you must first attract these potential customers to your business website before selling products to them.
Some business website owners complain about a long wait while waiting to appear on the Google search engine. The truth is, you are more than likely to wait a while before Internet traffic finds your business within the Google search engine.
SEO is not the cure-all for your marketing strategies and frankly, you would make a mistake if you solely depend on it for your marketing strategy.

Alternatives to search engine marketing

Some great alternatives are email marketing, article marketing, blogging, newsletters and AdWords and others. These are traditional methods within the internet advertising arena’s and have been found to work from not only a cost-effective standpoint; but a time-efficient standpoint as well.
Is search engine marketing crucial to your marketing needs?
Some marketing experts will gladly let you know that your business should not rely on Google or other search engines to succeed. As a business person, you should not expect to earn all your money through search engines.
However, search engines must be integrated into a complete marketing plan.

Using Search Engine Optimization SEO For Internet Marketing

According to MOZ, there are 7 steps to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

7 steps to successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  1. crawl accessibility because you need Google or other engines can read your website
  2. compel content that answers the searcher’s question
  3. appropriate keyword to catch the attention of searchers & engines
  4. a fast load speed of your  site on any device
  5. expand your influence, share-worthy content that earns links, citations, from other influencers or sites
  6. Title, URL, & description is very important to draw high CTR in the ranking
  7. Using Snippet/schema markup to stand out in SERPs
Many people are confused as to why SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is considered an internet marketing strategy. The reason for this is very simple.
Traffic among the search engines is free and as your rank rises in the engines you get continual link requests from webmasters. In turn, this gives you another source of traffic that does not cost you a penny.
For most web marketers, traffic is their main concern and priority. Without traffic, online businesses will go nowhere and are doomed to failure.

Learn how to maintain your search engine optimization by yourself

Everyone needs their website to be rated higher among the search engines. The best approach is to learn how to maintain your search engine optimization by yourself and avoid wasting money by paying someone else to do it for you. It is fairly easy to learn how to properly optimize your site for the search engines.
However, there is time and effort that are required to do this. Keep in mind that there is a significant difference between an index and a directory.
Indexes are maintained by what is known as “spiders” that crawl all web-pages consistently and index sites based on a very complicated set of factors.
Where your site is listed in the index listings is dependent on your score according to the formulas that the search engines are using.
To get listed in an index, you either submit your URL and wait until the spider crawls your site or the spider finds your site indirectly through your incoming links.
It will be important to learn about all of the different search engines, indexes, and directories. However, before you dive into these, you need to first understand Meta Tags.
Meta Tags exist within HTML codes and are found at the very top of a web-page. The title tag, description, and keyword tags are the most important and vital to your success. In the previous few years, spiders have started indexing website pages based on lists of keywords that are provided by the site creators.
When this happened, webmasters started trying to cheat their way to higher rankings by stuffing their sites with irrelevant keywords.
Since that moment search engines started to change their indexing structure to combat this.
Now, Title and Description Meta Tags are very important. This has to lead to search engine indexing becoming much more complex.
The main target is on evaluating web site content rather than single page content.
This means that webmasters now have to structure their pages appropriately to get the spiders to find them relevant to the keywords that they are using.
Directories, on the other hand, are a simple list of sites that are divided up into categories. To get listed in a directory, all you have to do is submit your site description and wait for the editors to approve it.
Keep in mind that most directories organize their listings alphabetically within categories. This is important to keep in mind when deciding on your URL or website name.


Search Engine Optimization and how to boost-up-your-business-with-seo

How to use Search Engine Optimization to get a higher ranking for your website

Most people with blogs or Internet sites want to get a higher  ranking in Internet search engines. Search engine rankings are extremely important to any website owner.
Users use search engines when looking for information about services and products. You need to understand how search engines work to get a higher ranking for your blog or website.
You need to use important keywords for your blog or website.
Inputting keywords into your blog or website will allow internet users to find your products and services, which you are offering. Do not merely stock your blogs or website full of hundreds of keywords. This is frowned upon by search engines such as Google and will actually lower your rankings or even cause your site to be de-indexed and sent into internet oblivion.

Input good information often into your internet blogs for Search Engine Optimization  SEO

Search engines optimization have become aware of the new features and fresh content offered by your blog or site. This will drastically improve your rankings within the major search engines.
Other web site owners are more likely to want to link to your blog or website if they find that you are bringing fresh and new content that will attract new visitors. New visitors should always be considered as potential buyers.
Adding relevant web pages to your web site is a great step in increasing your ranking in the major search engines. You want to achieve this because more internet users will be able to find you in such away.
You must be consistent with adding good information pages to your site. This will eventually lead to more visitors, which will turn into more potential sales.

Add an autoresponder to your website.

Discover My Mailit autoresponder plugin

Mailing good content to users who subscribe to your site will increase the number of visitors to your site. Upon more people, visiting your website the ranking of your website will increase within the major search engines.
You can give offers of discounted or free products. People usually like to get rewards as well as discounts and free stuff. It also helps link your mailing list to your website and attract more people to your website. This is a great marketing strategy that can be used to improve your search engines ranking.

Submit your content to article directories

One such article directory is this is a wonderful, as well as a popular article directory which you can submit relevant information to in the form of articles.
This will aid in increasing your Search Engine Optimization web site rankings inside the search engines. And your visitors will understand that you are an expert on the products and services, which you offer.


5 top free SEO tools from Crazy Impulse site


5 top free Search Engine Optimization SEO tools

  1. Google Analytics

I suggest that you get started as soon as possible using Google Analytics.
Google Analytics provide high quality, detailed and important information such as site visitors, traffic, etc. In an age dominated by Google, we have to work with that. Most other data tools simply store Google data using the API.
  1. Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools)

 The tool is for SEOs and is similar with Google Analytics, but in an easier way.
One of the most important information sets is the link data.,especially  info about toxic backlinks or  spam links. This is one of the mainly vital defensive actions you can get
  1. Keyword Planner

The real keyword research you should use

    4 SEO Workers Analysis Tool

It help you to  generate a detailed report  quick on any website URL, even if it’s not your website.
It assist you to save a lot of time in analysis.

  5.  Neil Patel SEO Analyizer

is fresh and intuitive, providing  essential information about your website SEO

Google Indexing

Indexing Google – this is when the Google crawlers coming back to the database, organized and indexed  pages in the database, to make them available, when someone searches for relevant keywords or phrases that correspond to this website.
So, in basic terms, Google’s indexing is like adding a tag to each website and filling it in.
Indexing and indexing are the processes that Google uses to add websites to a database.

Google indexing  and the speed up process

Here’s what you need to do to speed up the Google indexing process for your site: 
  • go to google search console an and select your  property site
  • then click ‘use new search console’
  • at the top of the page you have a small window where you will enter the address of the link you want to index
  • click ‘request indexing’
  • it lasts from a few minutes to a few hours until your page is indexed.

Google search console indexing

Google indexing link

Google Indexing request from Google search console

Indexing URL link on Google Search Console

Conclusion about Search Engine Optimization SEO

If you apply the tips, which I have outlined above, you will find your website rankings will improve over a short period. You must continually add to fresh new relevant content to your blog or website, which entices your visitors to want to learn more about your services or products..
More guests to your web site equal additional potential sales and this are often the terrible reason why you’re in business.

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