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teh Modern Rules Of Your First Online Video article

The Modern Rules Of Your First Online Video

Online video websites have become one of the hottest things on the Internet. As a result new online video sites are springing up everyday. What these online video sites offer? These online video sites allow people to make their own videos. Then upload them and share with others. Where are millions of internet users browsing through online video websites. The chances are very good that you could make a video and have it seen by thousands of people all over the world!
Making a video is not something everyone does everyday. Some people are not quite sure how to do it or what they should make a video on.  Most of the videos on these video sharing sites are homemade videos so it can be on anything you want. Yet you need to familiarize yourself with the terms posted at the online video site, regardless of whether you want to upload your video. Most online video websites will not allow pornographic, racist, making threats to someone. Or anything else that may harmful to someone.

Ideas For Your First Online Video

One thing that you may want to consider for your video is to do a comedy skit of some sort, as people always like a good laugh. Another popular type of video could be a how-to-video.  You may surprise yourself about what you know how to do, that others may not know.  You should keep your videos short, about 5-10 minutes
For example you could do a video on how to make a certain food dish quick and easy.. Or how to decorate for party .  You’ll find it’s a excellent way to get started making online videos with a how-to video. And you will also be providing the viewers with something to watch that is actually useful to them. 
As we mentioned earlier, a comedy skit could also be a great idea to try for your first online video.  Your comedy skit doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. It could be you telling some good jokes or performing clown acts. Be sure to follow the rules posted at the website for what’s acceptable and what isn’t. Otherwise you’re likely to find your video deleted and they will ban you as well.
Once you have mastered your video making techniques, you may want to move on to other video themes.  You can also often pickup some good subject matters by carrying your camcorder with you. You never know what may happen that you could catch on video.  Often a lot of the most popular videos found online aren’t of anything in particular.  Many times, these videos were someone happened to have seen at the right time, at the right place, and had their camcorder with them.

Create Your Own Video on Youtube or other video hosting platforms

In recent years the Internet has grown had a tremendous rate, and is no longer thought of as a research tool. Now millions of people now use the Internet on a regular basis seeking entertainment. Online Video Websites is one place where people go to look for entertainment videos. YouTube, Google Video, AOL Video and many more are good choices for using videos.
 YouTube it’s an online video website where visitors can view homemade videos and much, much more. But that isn’t all you can do at the YouTube site.  You’re also allowed to create and share your own video as well if you want to.
You can also use a new video hosting platform named  VIDYZ  with many features and benefits. Is an excellent video platform I recommend.

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Making your own video

Making your own video sounds like a fun idea, right?  Well, join the crowd. A lot of internet users, of all different ages, that have decided to create and share their own videos.  A lot of these videos are use to share information with others. Or showcase a favorite scene from a favorite television shows. Or express their beliefs, or make a funny video. 
If you want to make your own video, for whatever reason, you will need to start thinking about ideas for your video. Many people create comedy videos or ,,how-to” videos. The first step to making your video will be to decide what video recording device you are going to use. these choices will include a camcorders, webcams, cell phones or even a digital camera. If it has a recording option.

Rules and restrictions

As we mentioned before the video can be about anything you want. But you need to keep in mind that your video could be see by thousands of people. Make sure your video will be appropriate. You also need to read the rules and restrictions that are post on most online video sites. So you can be sure you’re not violating any rules.
One of the reasons these online video sites are so popular is that you can create a video on about anything you want.  Yet most of the popular video websites will have rules and restrictions on the content. And with good reason. Even with these restrictions in place, there are still a wide variety of different videos you can create. But use good judgment and take precautions when doing so.
Once you’re video is ready to be upload be sure to read up on how it’s done.  It can vary a bit with each site, but if you’re uploading a video for YouTube, you can relax and worry about other things. You’ll find the uploading process, used by YouTube is probably one of the about the easiest one that you will find. 

Post video on Youtube or other video hosting platforms

YouTube  does have some video size restrictions; so keep this in mind when making your video.  Now YouTube requires that your video be no longer than 10 minutes in length.  Your videos also must be less than 100 MB, in size.. They do have some other rules in their terms of use agreement. And you can create as many videos as you want. 
To post your video on YouTube, you will need to have your video saved in a movie format. This can be do with any moving making software program. Most computers already have a Movie Making Software installed on. So you don’t have to worry about purchasing software.


Ten Quick Tips Regarding Your First Online Video


So You Want To Make Your Own Online Video for Google

Most of the videos available on these video sites are homemade. So you don’t have to be a professional to create your own video.
Google Video is one of the most popular online video websites, along side YouTube. In Google video you can find popular television shows, sports, celebrity interviews, etc and of course the homemade videos.  Many people visit Google Video because they can watch free videos. As well you can buy popular videos, often for less than $2.00.
There is also a lot of people who head to Google Video’s online website. They look for more information on the features. They want to learn hot to create, upload, and share their own videos. 

Learn how to create your own video

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to create your own video, you can get more information at That link will take you to Google Video’s main page. If you use this link you’ll find all the information you need. You learn how to make and upload your own homemade video to their site.
Of course you will need to first create your video before you can upload it to Google Video. As well as any other online video websites. So you are going to need some type of recording device to make your video. In general the best recording device to choose would be a camcorder. Camcorders are great because you can make a video about anywhere and anytime you want.
Yet not everyone can afford to buy a Camcorder or have access to one, so another good choice would be your webcam. The drawback to that is you will need to make the video near your computer. Many cell phones and digital cameras have video recording capabilities as well. But the recordings tend to be short and may not have sound.  So you have to find the equipment that works best for you.
Once you’ve got your video created you’ll next need to get it onto your computer.
Most computers will have some kind of movie making software already installed on it. For example Windows Movie Maker is available on most computers that use the Windows OS.  If you want to make edits to your video, you should be able to. But depending on the type of moving making software program your computer has on it. Be sure to save your movies, as one of the most common movie formats, such as .MPG, .AVI,  or .MOV.

Use Caution When Making Your Own Online Videos

Today the popularity of videos is growing fast. An online video can often be the target of an online predator looking for innocent victims.
When you make your own online video you will upload it to sites such as YouTube or Google Video (to name a few) . It has the potential to viewed by thousands of people all over the world! While that may sound very cool, it also comes with risks.

Your online safety

There are a few important things to keep in mind when thinking about becoming part of this popular trend. One of those important things is your safety. Many people like to create personal video. And some Internet users innocently provide information about themselves. Or can mention by mistake while saying a funny story.
For security reasons. you need to be careful about what you register and share with other online viewers,
You have no idea who will be watching your video. You also have no idea what kind of person they are or if they are mentally disturbed.  When creating your online video, think about how much information you would give out.
If decide to make a homemade video with a personal touch, more than likely your face will be the center of the video.  Although it’s usually good to show your face, but it’s another story you’ll get from your personal information.  If you feel you need to introduce yourself, you should use your first name only or even use a pen name.
You also never give your address, and that includes your city and state. You also never give your address, and that includes your city and state. If someone were interest in you or the details you provide in the video, they could easily get your full address, knowing the city or the state where you live.  This also would apply to your phone number, as they could also locate you with that information. This also would apply to your phone number, as they could also locate you with that information.
Even with the risks I mentioned earlier, there are still many people who will be confront with this problem.
They do it because they are looking for someone to date or be friends with. If you are looking to meet someone online this should be on online dating sites. As most of them will have security measures in place to help keep you safe.
If you keep these safety points in mind, you should be able to use and enjoy online video websites without any problems.
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First Online Video -10 Quick Tips Regarding Your Own Video


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