Mobile Marketing and 6 tips for success

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Mobile Marketing and 6 tips for success

SIMS, Text Message and 6 revolutionary tips for success marketing campaign

SMS, Text Message and 6 revolutionary tips for successful marketing campaigns
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The Popularity of  Mobile Marketing

If you take a look around you, you will no doubt see plenty of people using some type of mobile device. This might be a Smartphone, a laptop, eReader or IPad device.
Just take a look and see how many people have some kind of mobile device, nowadays most people have at least one. This just goes to show you how important staying connected is.
You can see the popularity of mobile devices everywhere you go, and they can be used in different ways.
You can add your grocery list to it, send yourself reminders, keep track of appointments and more. Plus a mobile device can help you be more productive.
People love to stay in contact with one another and mobile devices just make this so easy. You can now send text messages. Even seniors are enjoying their mobile devices.
You could even view a mobile device as a lifeline to the outside world.

Do you need Mobile Marketing?

Most marketers don’t think twice about using traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and email. But, if you were to ask them if they use text messages in their marketing they would probably say no.
With the increase in the use of mobile devices, this is an important avenue that should not be overlooked next message marketing, or SMS as it is also known, is easy to do.
So there isn’t any reason not to use this valuable method. Text messages are sent in real-time and the open rates for them are high. It is suggested that the majority of text messages are opened and read within three to four minutes of them being received.
You could expect to get an open rate of 95% quite easily.  This is almost unheard of with traditional methods.

Mobile marketing campaign

6 best tips for success to use Mobile Marketing

1. Short & Sweet Mobile Marketing

As a rule of thumb, you must keep your messages to a limit of one hundred sixty (160) characters. All messages over 160 characters long will generally be choppy by phone corporations into multiple texts. That means you risk jumbling up the message.
You don’t have to worry about sending complex sales messages to your customers! Text messages were meant to be short; customers expect short messages and will be turned off by long scripts of text that are not engaging.
Using shorthand and slang terms will tarnish the expert image of your brand name,  thus take care of the language you utilize while keeping it brief, informative, and persuasive.

2. Content you can send via a SMS or text message

The content you can send via an SMS or text message includes text, videos, images, slide presentation, audio, and photos.
Textly is a perfect tool to create interactive content fits with every text messages marketing campaign.

3. Timing Is Important

With the character of SMS being that users typically open them directly, your text messages must be sent at a time when your consumer will act. For example, you wish to transmit discounts and special offers via text just before the offer.
No one desires to receive a suggestion for a reduction when they’ve already ordered one thing. You don’t want to send text messages too late or too early. Disrupting people’s sleep won’t provide your complete a favorable image.

4. Message The Correct People

You have to make sure you send SMS marketing messages only to the people who have opted to receive them. Unsolicited messaging will become annoying for some of them and this way, you’re solely contacting people that are genuinely interested.
So you have to ask visitors whether or not they would like to receive messages from you or your business. Make sure you also tell them what they will expect from your mobile marketing.




5. Personalization is the best Mobile Marketing 

People have a tendency to ignore messages from numbers they don’t recognize, so if your subscribers can’t identify you by the content of the message alone, you’ve already lost their attention.
In the message, you can talk about your business in brief. Or this could be name dropping your brand name in every outgoing message, for instance…
You should even be addressing your client by their first name you should also be addressing your customer by their first name, to create the feeling that your business is like a close friend messaging them.

6. Let People Opt-In and Opt-Out

The great thing about using text messages and SMS is that you are getting permission to send your messages to your customers or readers. They have to opt in to read your messages and can quickly choose to delete you if they wish.
You should always inform subscribers that they have a choice to opt-out of receiving messages from you at any time. This should be visible and is regularly in caps at the end of the message.
For example: ‘Reply STOP if you prefer to opt-out’. Remember to always include this alternative.
Always include a disclaimer that standard rates may apply. Each cell phone plan is singular – some charge a flat rate, others charge per SMS.
So if you want to keep your clients happy,  make sure about transparency and hang on a brief disclaimer reminding customers that standard rates may apply.
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