How to Use 1 Advertising online to Attract Quality Clients

Advertising online business to Attract Quality Clients

How to Get Advertising Online for Your Business for Free, that Actually Brings Clients

Once you have started your own service business, you will need a continual stream of prospective clients willing to give you a try, and happy clients willing to give you word-of-mouth marketing – for example, on the social networks. One way to drum up business is to advertise. However, since ads cost money, you need to develop a strategy that will give you the most bang for your budget.

Know Your Niche 

If you are working as a freelancer or service provider, chances are you have specialized in a particular area, also referred to as a niche or topic. Some of the most popular topics for content online include health, finance, and self-help.
No matter which niche you are working in, you need to show what you know in your field or industry by producing great content that demonstrates your expertise. However, it can be really tough to write from scratch all the time and still run your business successfully.
Fortunately there are a number of shortcuts to getting great content. One of them is to share interesting, relevant and valuable content with your target audience through what is known as content curation.

Determine your Specialty and your Services

Freelancers and service providers usually do best when they specialize in a particular area, such as finance or self-help. Decide which niche or industry best suits your talents and interests. Create a portfolio that showcases the work you have done in these areas.
What do business owners in that niche or industry need most? Make a list of services you can perform well that will take the burden off busy executives.

Identify Your Target Audience for online Advertising 

By creating a profile of your ideal customer, you can start to focus your ads with a greater accuracy. You have to answer a few questions…Who is most likely to buy from you? Where do they spend their time? How old are they? What are their interests?


 Determine Which Ad Networks and Formats Will Work Best  

A lot of business owners run ads through Google AdWords in an effort to compete in the search engines in relation to certain keywords. This is one way to drive traffic with paid ads, but the Google system can be complicated to learn and expensive to compete in. Their “quality score” is a mystery to most users, but it is one of the main determinants as to whether your ad will ever even run, and what placement it will get if it actually does.
I have found a new source to help you discover the best keywords for your domain based on what people are typing into Google.. You’ll get hundreds of suggestions, you’ll also see the competition, the volume, popular organic keywords ,and even seasonal trends for each keyword.. Is called Ubersuggest 2.0 , is a free keyword tool and is very simple to use it.
You can find Ubersuggest 2.0  here:


How to Get Free Business Advertising Online That Actually Brings Clients article


Social media sites for Advertising online 

Social media sites now have a range of advertising opportunities that are generally easier to set up than Google AdWords, and are better targeted too. They also tend not to have lots of mysterious rules. This means more visibility and clicks, for less money.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram will allow you to run ads with an image. Come up with a great headline and a link to your Facebook or Instagram account page, and you will get a good deal of traffic because you are not sending them off site. Make sure your home page has lots of interesting information about you. Include a link to your portfolio, and on your portfolio, details about your services. Linking straight to your service page is not a good idea in this case.


Twitter has a similar set of ad choices to Facebook, allowing you to promote one single post, or your entire account in order to get more followers. The best thing about Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is that you can be a great deal more precise about who you want to target. If you wish to find an audience of men or women 35 to 45 who are interested in computers, for example, all you have to do is set those parameters and your ad will show only to those people.


LinkedIn also has opportunities for professionals to connect with their target audience. Again, you need to create an eye-catching ad and send them to a page that offers them useful information, not just a sales pitch.
The LinkedIn Pro service will also allow you to see jobs related to keywords you choose, but you need to be quick. They only accept five quotes for each assignment, and most assignments listings tend to expire within 24 hours. Showing them your portfolio, rather than your rate card, is the best way to generate more interest in your services.
Ads cost money, but the right ad can make a big difference to the number of clients you get. Find out as much as you can about the most popular social network(s) for clients in your niche, and focus your advertising on that to start with.

How to Get Free Business Advertising Online That Actually Brings Clients article

 Why Information Products Are Great for Brand Building 

Once you become a freelancer or service provider, it is important to consider how you can stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to do this is to create information products in order to build your brand.

Advertising online with Information Products

Information products are one of the most popular items selling online. Online education is booming, both formal and informal. People are always interested in learning more about things that can improve their lives and solve their main problems. If you can offer the types of solutions that people in your niche or industry really need, then you should have no trouble finding clients for your business.

What Kind of Information Products Should You Sell?

There are a number of information products that sell well online.
  • 1. EBooks

The easiest type of information product to create and sell is an eBook. You can create one in Microsoft Word, add some images, and then upload it to the Amazon Kindle program. Amazon will convert the book for free and then make it available to their customers once you decide to publish the book.
When you are brainstorming topics for your eBook, start with the title. It should offer a value proposition such as “How to ____.”
Next, you will need an attractive cover because people really do you judge a book by it. You can connect with excellent artists at and get a professional-looking cover at an affordable price.
Finally, you’ll need is marketing material for your book. Write your back of the book copy, or marketing blurb, in a way that speaks to your target audience. Use keywords and phrases and mention some of the key things they will learn if they buy the book.
  • 2. Paperback Books

Once you have set up a digital copy online, Amazon allows you to create a paperback version through their  print on demand publishing unit. You would use the same Word document, with page numbers added, and what is termed a cover flat. The flat is the front cover, spine, and back cover of the book laid out one after the other, with the spine the correct size of the thickness of the paperback book. You can easily find someone on who is able to do this according to your specifications.

Advertising online with Fiverr banner


  • 3. E-Courses

Sites like pair up those who have a topic to teach with those who wish to learn. You can make good money and raise your profile in your niche.
  • 4. Multimedia Courses

Some content sellers like to create multimedia courses with an eBook, audio, video, handouts and more. It does take time, but it also adds to your prestige and these products will command a much higher price tag than a simple eBook.
  • 5. Templates and Other Information Packs

Templates, cheat sheets, spreadsheets with formulas and more can all help your target audience work better, faster and smarter.

Branding Made Easy with Advertising online

When creating any information product, be sure to put your logo and URL on it. Try to make everything look consistent in terms of color, fonts and style. In this way, you will soon create an entire product line that represents your brand.
If you are not already offering information products in conjunction with your business, begin brainstorming what your audience really needs and start planning your first product.
With brand building, you can brand either your company name, or your own personal name – like Oprah or Emeril. This will depend on how happy you are being in the public spotlight, and how much of an expert you wish to be in your field.
The important thing is that you present a consistent impression of quality and professionalism across everything that you do. This includes your website and anything you may sell at it, including information products.

Creative Advertising online article

 Tips for Sharing Relevant, Interesting and Valuable Content 

There are a number of techniques that can help you maintain an up-to-date and vibrant online presence so that your target audience will keep coming back for more.

What Is Content Curation?

Content curation is a means of sharing great content at your website without having to write it from scratch yourself. There are automated services that you can plug into your site, such as or, which will post interesting articles on your site in the location of your choice – usually under content you have published. If you’ve ever visited The Weather Channel or popular entertainment sites, chances are you have seen this form of content curation.

Do-It-Yourself Content Curation

Taboola and Outbrain are easy to use and can become an additional stream of income for your website, but if you want to impress the people in your niche, sharing the latest news with them is a sure way to impress.
Curating yourself will take some time, but if you are a smart business owner, you are probably already reading a number of articles per day that are related to your area of interest. You probably have several favorite blogs, news sites, and niche-related sites you visit regularly. Chances are your busy audience might not have seen some of this content, so why not share?

Think Like an Editor whit advertising online

When you are planning content for your site, make a list of the most important topics that should be covered. Then add newsworthy items. There’s a lot of content being produced by many different websites that can cover these topics. Share it in order to keep your audience well-informed.
Aim for the top writers and sites in your niche or industry. By sharing this type of content, you are showing that you are well read in your field.

Add Value to Your Curated Content

Some people just put up a link to the content and leave it at that. However, the best way to curate is to add value to the content by discussing it briefly. For example, a 100-word introduction to the content and link, and why you believe it to be important, also helps to demonstrate your expertise. For longer articles, you might create a summary of what you feel are the main takeaway messages contained within it.
This will help your audience find the kind of information they need, and will also impress them with how much you know.
If you’ve been struggling to “feed the beast” and keep your website or blog going with fresh, interesting content, consider sharing content that you love with your target audience, and see how much your traffic will improve.


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