Design website for non-techie entrepreneurs

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Design website for non-techie entrepreneurs

How to Design website yourself

This is a big-picture overview of how to build effective website for non-techie entrepreneurs
Most people tend to give up and pack their bags as soon as they hear the words “programming” and “technical”. Creating a website is not so hard even you are a newbie or a non-techie person.
A website that works will serve you to build your list, get you more clients, and sell more products and programs for years to come.
You MUST have is a website that turns people ON to working with you. It is essential to create a lasting impression on the clients to improve your website traffic and visibility on the internet
It doesn’t matter how you want to get clients. Whether that’s through speaking to groups, doing virtual tele-seminars & training, social media networking, or making videos…
But hiring a web designer can be costly, especially when you’re just starting and the money isn’t flowing in yet and you’re bootstrapping the business.
Many people are so enthusiastic to get started that they don’t think through the planning stage, which causes the entire process to take longer, cost much more, and typically leaves you more than a little frustrated.

Typical mistakes on design website

Here are some of the typical mistakes people make trying to build a website for the first time:
  • Setting up the hosting and installing WordPress without knowing what they’re doing. This is a HUGE problem that I see often!
  • Being focused on the design and layout without thinking through what content they have to populate the pages. If you put one before the other you may find yourself re-doing a lot of work!
  • Spending too much time creating and perfecting everything which causes delays and overwhelms. Remember, perfection is the enemy of progress!
You need a strategic plan in place that makes sense for your goals and your target audience!
So where should you start building your site?

5 Key Components of Design Website

5 Key Components of Design Websites

To save you from wasting hours of your life I’d like to share with you how to build sites in the most effective way possible
I will explain different aspects of website building and different approaches to handling them.
Take a look at the 5 different aspects of website building.
  1. Your Website Idea 

Let’s start with your idea of your website. 
You need to know EXACTLY what you want to accomplish on your site, what is your website going to be about.
So the first step will be to establish the purpose of the site:  What is the website about? Who will be your audience? 
Then you’re going to have some kind of call to action and you want to think about it.
Your Call to Action: What do you want the website visitors to do on your site?
This is what action do you want the visitor to take when they come to your website
  • do you want them to read your blog 
  • to buy a product 
  • do you want them to sign up for a consulting call or coaching call 
  • to opt-in for your newsletter or a gift or 
  • maybe you want them to call you
The next step will be user Interaction: Do you want your website visitors engaged, like commenting on your blog post?

      2. Your Website Content 

Depending on the purpose of your site, you will need different content types. The problem is how the search engines look at first on your content,  so here you have to make your impression.
Here are some examples of the main types of content you can have on a website:
  • Pages
  • Posts
  • Sidebar
  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Audios
You don’t want to go by design until you know how many pages, how many posts, how many sidebars and how you’re going to organize and layout your site.

        3. Your Design Website

The right design can attract and keep your visitors on your site and, increase the usability of the website. Good web design will become more important than ever.
I would recommend that you don’t focus too much on the design aspect at the beginning.  But you need to think about what design would be best appropriate for your site.
Website design has a huge impact on how well a website resonates with an audience… and you want a design that will resonate with YOUR ideal client!
Here are some of the most important components you should think about before building the site:
Bright colors, pictures, and fun fonts will make or break your web site.
You want to make a very good first impression with the graphics on your site. But overuse of graphics might be easier said than done.  Simple graphics, pictures, and text is all the time appreciated by the visitor.
You should always use the colors that go well the theme and purpose of the website.
Reduce the number of images on your website. They make your site load much slower and more often they are very unnecessary. If you think each image is essential to your site, be sure to optimize them using image editing software to have a minimum file size.
You should use 2 or 3 colors on your site design and those colors should not hinder the visibility of your website.

         4. Your website Organization

It’s extremely important to carefully plan the organization with your visitors in mind.
One of the major implications of a well-organized website is to keep visitors on the site.
The crucial point in planning your site is optimizing it for revenue if you want to earn some revenue from the site. Divide your site into main blocks, sorted by theme, and start creating new pages and subdivisions within those blocks.
Here are the elements you need to consider as you organize your website.
  • Site Organization
  • Site Hierarchy
  • Navigation/Menus
Your website visitors will not be able to navigate easily or even find the content without the right organization.
Make sure you have clear directions on how to follow your site navigation. The search menu should be simple and fast so that visitors can navigate your site without interruptions and confusion.
I encourage you to spend the time to carefully think through the purpose, content, and organization of your site before you move on to design and web hosting.

           5. Web Hosting for you design website

It includes:
You need to set up website hosting. If you’re building your site completely on your own, this stage has to come first. Many people, when building their website, start by selecting a domain name and a theme.

Conclusion about Design websites for non-techie persons

Conclusion about Design Website for non-techie persons

When you build a website you don’t want to make the mistake of running out and buying a domain name and getting hosting before you’ve even thought and worked out your ideas.
I believe the better approach to building a website is to focus on your content and your site organization first before you pick a design and before you get web hosting.
Because in this process of creation you might make changes to how you want people to see and view your site
It is important to have good design principles in place to ensure that your site reaches the most visitors and sells to as many people as possible.
Books and magazines contain guides that can help provide tutorials and ways to create our websites. Even online tutorials are trustworthy, as, in the modern world, information technology is the best and most cost-effective way of retaining knowledge, especially in this particular field.
So you can start and build your website one right away.


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