How to build buyers list in 5 original ways

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How to build buyers list for your business

Building your buyers list is very important. Many teachers told you that “the money is on the list”. But most of these subconscious fails to explain why.  You have  two different types of lists:
  1. list of subscribers and
  2. buyers list
The reason for this post is to show you how to build yourself a list of paid clients.
I’ll show you how to get a paid list of buyers in the fastest time that your online business can progress.
So why create a list of paid buyers instead of regular subscribers? I am not saying or suggesting that the general subscriber list is not important\, because it is.
I can give you at least three reasons:
  1. The buyer list is more responsive than the general list
Very important because you need to have a list of potential customers from which they might buy from you. Being a regular user is the stage where people start to know you and you need it.
Establish rapport to gain their trust.
Therefore, you should also keep the general subscriber list because your final goal is to convert your prospects into buyers.
  1. The buyer list has a purchase history
These people used their credit card to probably spend money to buy something.
They react faster. Potential customers who have never bought from you need a lot of push.before he or she decides to buy. You need to build a comfortable situation with your customers. If they have confidence in your products they are more inclined to shop from you.
In addition, people who have previously shopped online before are more likely to shop.again, because they are already familiar with the procedure.
The buyer list may be smaller than the general user list, but this is not uncommon.
You may hear the story of marketers earning more money from smaller lists rather than making more money from huge lists. The reason is explained in the next point.
  1. Better quality prospects
They have been proven to work because they are a better prospect category or a better class of leads.
 on something and they are not what you call a “tire kicker.” in
In other words, they have been proven to be able to consume; they buy from anyone, it does not matter.
It can be really challenging to make your customer lists. Building a list can be really challenging now because usually, you need to build a prospects list FIRST, then a potential customers list.
Many contemporary courses teach you how to build your list.
But what if you can skip this process and increase it without making a list of buyers?
I found that you can build a list using methods other than traditional ones.
Even if you start from zero lists, start from scratch!
All of these methods can be started by anyone from scratch.
You don’t have to use all of these methods. Try to find the method you like most, which is the most familiar. Even a single method can help you quickly build your subscribers list
Nothing can stop you from using all of these methods, Finally, by trying and testing, you will find the right solution for your business.

So what are these 5 unique ways to build  buyers list  everyday ?

  • Membership Strategy
  • A plan of instant commissions
  • Lunch  Bonus Jacking method
  • Reselling rights method
  • “Bonus Webinar” Method
It doesn’t make a difference if these individuals have not purchased anything from you. As long as they have purchased something from anybody previously, they will do that again.


Method #1 The Membership Pass strategy

Method #1: The Membership Pass strategy

You need to have high-quality membership site ( being sold online now), can be accessed at any time and it is something you own.
It is NOT a free membership site where people can simply put their name and email address and join. The home page must have a correct form in order for people to actually join the site.
Secondly, you must also have an affiliate and/or an up-sell offer. If your affiliates refer to prospects to buys or renew its membership, you should give credit to your partners.  in order to create an incentive for them to accept and give away your membership pass…
Contact others membership administrators or mailing list owners and pass away this membership as a bonus. Make it a special bonus membership only for their customers. This will help add value to their products.
DO NOT mark it as “FREE” even though it is. It should be placed as a bonus.
REPEAT this with as many owners of membership sites and mailing list owners as you can and will get yourself a list of paid buyers in no time.
Offer a lifetime membership access with no strings attached.  Try not to offer any preliminary (trial) or month to month access for this situation! Talking from experience, generally, individuals tend to simply join trial access and afterward drop previously they get charged. What’s more, they will likely drop barely any months after. And when they leave your membership site, they will in all likelihood not return once more.
Also, you don’t need to continue refreshing and adding substance to your Membership site each month. You can simply put them up once and keep up them once in a blue moon.
Your membership site can be any format: articles, videos, audio, hosted software, webinars, live calls, etc. You can get content for your site from YouTube Videos., for articles, Private Label Rights Contents, Author Contributions/Interviews…
To start your own membership I can recommend a software named  Members Kit. It is an excellent software that manages your membership site, is very easy to use and very convenient as a price… And I use it in my business too.
Read more info here:
It is shockingly simple to discover membership owners in any niche.
Google for the name of the niche you are in and put in the keyword which is ‘membership’ so that you’ll get results full of mainstream membership sites for your selected niche.
Here is the example: google or “niche name” “membership”.
Once you find out what these member sites are, you can join for free or pay for your access.Usually, you can find other authors and experts related to your niche. So this will help you find more recommendations.
 When you write an e-mail to other membership owners, mention that you have a paid membership site that is currently selling in the market place, BUT only for his customers or paid members, they can get access to your membership site free, as a valuable bonus. The next move is to contact other membership owners and repeat the process.

Method #2: A plan of instant commissions for build buyer list


Build buyers listMethod #2: A plan of instant commissions 

Offer full and instant commissions! because people love getting paid instantly vs. waiting for 30 days. This will give them a healthy cash flow as well and they will trust you more like a merchant who pays on time. The moment you pay your affiliates immediately, you don’t have to worry about paying manually every month anymore.
This is an excellent way for you to build your mailing list rather fast and I’m talking about customers mailing list here while your affiliates enjoy instant commission.
Next, you’re going to learn how to start an instant commission strategy step-by-step.
It can be an E-book or a special report – it doesn’t have to be something jam-packed. Just something that one can buy and consume information quickly then is done with it.
You can price anywhere from $7 – $37.
Get affiliates promoting and set your commissions to preferably 100%. Try not to set for anything less than that as 100% commissions is the most ideal. So your affiliates will have no excuse to promote your products. This means that people who are promoting you will get paid straight into their PayPal account.
When you motivate a group of affiliates to promote for you, you will be able to build your buyers list a lot quicker.
Even though the money may not go to you directly at first, you can always make up in the backend sales (OTO’s or upsells) where the real profits are.
Stick to your end goal regardless, you shouldn’t mind your affiliates getting all the sales because ultimately you want to get their leads into your customers’ list.


Method #3: Launch Bonus Jacking (unannounced bonus)

Build buyers listMethod #3: Launch Bonus Jacking (unannounced bonus)

You can get brilliant results using this method if you are promoting other people’s product launches.
So what your offer should be?
That a bonus functions as a complementary to the main product. Make sure the offer is relevant to the product launch so that his customers may benefit from it. Buyers will not throw in money for a product that is irrelevant to their needs.
 It can be in the form of a membership pass, which was discussed extensively in Method #1 earlier.
You can also come up with your own video tutorials, or an exceptionally special report, detailing case studies or research material.
You have to put up your opt-in form and require people to sign up to get your bonus. Remind them that this is a special bonus and not some free stuff that is available elsewhere.


Method #4: Reselling rights to build buyers list

Build buyers list – Method #4: Reselling rights

Basic Resell Rights allows your customers to resell the products however, their customers cannot resell them. So this means that only your customers have the rights to resell your products.
Master Resell Rights, on the other hand, allows your customers to not only sell your product, but their customers can also resell the products and in turn so on and on.
The first step is to offer a Master Resell Rights to an E-book. E-book, in this case, is preferable as they are easy to rebrand and downloads easier as opposed to videos and audios.
Include a sales kit to make it as easy as possible for your customers to resell it. Sales kits usually include images of the product, resell right licenses, a sales letter, and a Thank You, Page. They are allowed to pass on the reselling opportunity to their own customers as well.
In the E-book, include an incentive for people to visit your website and join your mailing list. It could be a lifetime updates to the E-books or to get an unannounced bonus. An incentive is the most important element of all to make the viral Resell Rights method work.
IMPORTANT! Never offer your report with giveaway rights!
A product being sold is more valuable and has a more viral effect than an E-book with giveaway rights. Ironically, there is no real motivation in giving away a product whereas there are more energy and enthusiasm in selling a product away. Besides you aim to build a list of paying buyers.
Next step is to blast the Master Resell Rights offer to your mailing list (if you already have a list of your own) but make sure it is priced rather low i.e $17 to $37.
This is because you want to make the product as sellable as possible. Pricing the product too high will make it harder for your customers to resell it. And since most countries are not bound by their price-fixing law, people generally resell their product for a lower price, therefore, you should start with a low price. Alternatively, you submit them to Resell Rights membership sites or to’ s E-book thread.

Method #5 Bonus Webinar to build buyers list


Build buyers list – Method # 5: “Bonus Webinar”

You might want to apply this method as soon as possible. This is yet another rare method that is hardly used, but it is highly effective. is an excellent webinar software tool. It is something that a lot of marketers are using. This is really an awesome webinar software tool that allows you to record your presentation and talk to as many as hundreds of attendees. You can have even your recorded webinar, it is not necessary to be live.
To craft your up-sell for your call, first, make it a high ticket which prices from $197 – $297 – $497. It can be anything along the lines of ‘done it all for you’, home study course or even a group or one-on-one coaching. It has to be a high-end exclusive offer because you are expecting to take fewer more exclusive customers.
You can use this method for any product launch happening in a single week? And most importantly, regardless of how many people you convert to your own customers in the call, you collect all the leads ultimately. Plus, not just a few people who signed up to your back-end offer.
Here are some of the best places you can look at for upcoming product launches:
Subscribe to the mailing list of a few experts who are on top of the niche.
 You can also use Google Alerts to receive notifications whenever Google picks up a new website which contains some of your important keywords.

Your back-end offers when you build buyers list

So with all the given methods, what are you to do with the buyers’ list once you built it?
Throwing in ups-ells right after a buyer subscribes to your list is an important matter.
So for starters, keep it low to the middle ticket ($37 – $77).
This is your first chance of making money and cash flow. Do remember to credit your referring partners. Without them, you won’t have business at all so take importance in appreciating your partners.
Your backend offers can be in the form of a:
  • Monthly subscription or 
  • High ticker product with installment plans
Hit up your new list a few days later after some warming up and when the trust is built. Do remember to follow-up a few times on your back-end offers.

What to Do and NOT to do when you build  buyers’ list:

  • DO NOT spoil them with too many freebies! If you start giving too many freebies and spoil them with bonuses, they will be pampered and spoiled leading them to be less inclined to buy anything from you later on. This in result will make them expect free things from you.
  • do not make them look as if they are getting the same deals as those from the general subscribers’ list. Give them privileges and they will want to stay in your buyers’ list.
  • Maintain regular frequency with your buyers. If you plan on keeping in touch with them once a week, then make it a habit to do it every week.

Conclusion about build buyers list fast

Treat your Buyers List with extra special care, give them special treatment. It could be in the form of a discount or extra bonuses but never overload them with freebies as mentioned above.
I hope you learned a number of new things here and most importantly, apply these newly learned methods to your business.



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