8 Simple Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Site

8 Simple Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Site

There are numerous methods through which one can get free traffic

These are very simple methods that people have constantly used to attract and maintain traffic in their sites. 
Driving large amounts of traffic to your site doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In fact, some of the best methods that successful business owners are using are free! The smarter and more creative you are about your traffic generation the better. You want to try and get the traffic the your competitors haven’t thought about!
If you ask any marketer what he would like most, he’ll probably tell you “more customers”. What often follows customers on a business wish list? More traffic to his website. There are great ways to increase traffic on your website. Have a look below.

Create more content for your website.

Content does not just mean the words found on your website’s pages. Content may take the form of how-to guides, blog posts, eBooks to teach your audience, whitepapers with facts and industry insights and many more. It empowers your visitors with useful information to make them feel more comfortable turning to you for pieces of advice when they’re ready to become a client.
However, note that just writing a single blog post will not send tens of thousands of visitors to your site overnight. According to research, it takes just about 20 quality blog posts published regularly to start seeing considerable improvement on lead activity.

Update Your Content to get free traffic.

Web masters understand the benefits of pure and quality content in attracting visitors. This is something that many people take for granted yet it is of great weight. Remember that people search the web for quality and useful content only. Visitors will always swarm your site if your site can continually offer them solution to their key inquiries. If you can provide that, then, you shall be able to attract and maintain a loyal group of audience. Search engines will also find your site attractive if you can shrewdly incorporate major keywords in your content. 

8 Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Site

Use Media in Your Posts.

Most content that go viral especially in social media usually include use of media like videos, images and info-graphics. Use of media usually compliments content and many users prefer media than having to read lengthy content. To effectively use media to help your content go viral, it is important to ensure your images or videos are unique and interesting to your audience

Use Google index pages to get traffic for free.

Using Google Search Console when submitting your URLs helps Google’s web crawler to do a more complete as well as efficient job of crawling your website. Search Console also allows you to submit your pages to Google index, and it is mainly useful in making sure that you understand about all dynamically generated pages or URLs that aren’t adequately linked to your website. However, note that submitting a page or pages to the index won’t influence your Page-Rank or guarantee inclusion, and is not a replacement for creating useful and compelling content.

Get Social

It isn’t enough to produce good content and hope visitors will find it- you must be proactive.
Using social media channels when promoting your content is one of the best ways to increase traffic to your website. Twitter is the best for short, snappy (& tempting) links. Linkedin  promotion on the other hand can assist your website to show up in personalized search results & seem particularly efficient in B2B niches. If you are a B2B product company, you may find great reaction with image heavy sites such as Instagram and Pinterest.

Use Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are only examples of two social media platforms which have transformed numerous small businesses into grand companies. This is because businesses which are popular on social networks harvest a great percentage of traffic which is even hard to get from major search engines. However, building a large network of targeted faction is not that easy. It is something that demands total commitment and patience. Nonetheless, it is a process that harbors numerous benefits, including to get free traffic, which will later overshadow all the hurdles that you had to deal with.
Linking to social media sources and keeping in touch with them: this is the next strategy used by outreach to increase the amount of traffic on your blog site. This method involves including source links in your blog posts and contacting them to make them aware. Note that readers get impressed the most when you link to sources. Linking to other sources helps to makes your site more credible and reliable. They are convinced that everything that is contained in your blog did not just come from personal imaginations. Link to credible sources helps to earn readers’ trust.

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Utilize Viral Content to get free traffic.

The internet is one place where everyone is always curious. Furthermore, those who use the web will always pass around any information that they find extremely hilarious or useful. You can make use of such an opportunity to draw people to your site. Create a viral content and let it circulate around the web as you sit back and wait for your reward. Content that users find attractive will always be shared many times in different sites. All you need to do is submit your viral content to a few popular sites where users can easily identify it. 

Re-post Your Content

One way to make your content go viral is by re-posting your previous content that attracted a huge readership or traffic when it was originally posted. You can re-post this content on other social media platforms after a few days or a week so as to double or even triple the number of shares and help it go viral.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the greatest ways to generate free traffic – you only have to invest in time to write a quality article. Contact the most popular blogs in your industry and find out if they can allow you write a guest post. Many website owners won’t have objections to having others write free content

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The above-mentioned ones are only a few hints on where to start from when you are need of free traffic.
The above ways are some of the greatest strategies you can employ to increase traffic to your sites. Note that this may not happen overnight.





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