4 Secrets To Amazing STRATEGIC BONUSES

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4 Tips About STRATEGIC BONUSES You Can’t Afford To Miss

4 Secrets To STRATEGIC BONUSES – Even In This Down Economy

Today in this article I want to talk about something that works extremely well in our business. We hope that you’re excited by all the possibilities. And here’s everything you need to know about the method of using strategic bonuses. It will help you to sell more and to thrill your audience.
I haven’t seen a business model where this would not work. So if you’re not using bonuses yet, pay attention to this article. Because you’ll get some ideas you could try as soon as today.
I will talk about the power of bonuses. And giving people more than they expect for a particular deal or a transaction.
Selling online it’s a very competitive marketplace for any of us. You need some sort of the principle you want to work with, when it comes to packaging, marketing and selling products and services . Regardless of what industry or business model you’re in.
So any advantage like this, would work quite well. This is where strategic bonuses come into play.

Use strategic bonuses for your own offers or affiliate offers.

I want to talk about how you can do it for real and get people to take up your offers over some of your competitors. Or even get them to take action on what they’re looking at right now, when it comes to your business.
Whether it’s your own offers, or somebody else’s offer, that you’re promoting as an affiliate, you don’t need to have the biggest list. But what you need to do is use strategic bonuses very well. You need to deliver extra value to people that you refer to these products. And why not, it didn’t cost you anything other than some creativity, a little bit of time and planning.

Why you need to use bonuses in your business.

Why you need to use strategic bonuses

Obvious, it’s a chance for you to stack any value that you want to kind of explain and enhance your offer. Bonuses increases the perceived value of what you’re presenting to your prospective buyer. For example, If you have an offer and then, you take the exact same offer and add a bonus, in general , you will see a higher rate of conversions. When you have a bonus attached to it.
In general it will increase conversions (sales) for the most part. But it also gives you a chance to cultivate relationships with your customers. I’m going to talk about exactly how I do that in a very strategic way. And I also want to go through four different bonus methods that you can test for yourself right now.

Select a bonus methods to test

You can use:
  • direct bonus you want to do,
  • a multi-part bonus,
  • some kind of surprise bonus,
  • the survey method or
  • it’s one of each

Select a strategic bonus methods to test

The direct bonus method.

Let’s first talk about the most obvious one and that is the direct bonus method. Here is where you offer a related bonus to each buyer. You will attach a specific bonus for every single person that decides to take you up on the offer. whatever bonus it may be. Can be a new product for sale, a new coaching package or a seminar coming up. Whatever the revenue generation opportunity is for your company you need to add a bonus.
You can do an automatic or a manual bonus delivery. Like I said before, it works for affiliate promotions or direct selling. Some platforms or affiliate program allows you to attach your bonuses direct into the system.
When someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, it will be redirect to a download page. In the download area it can pick up the bonus that we’ve uploaded in advance.
So it saves a lot of time from having to manually deliver a bonus to each person that buys through your link.

Benefits of manually delivering bonuses

But not all systems have that. And it’s not always something I choose to do. That because there are some very specific benefits of manually delivering bonuses to your customers. The reason for that is it gives you a chance to actually talk to each one of our customers. If you are making the sales, then you can find the revenue to pay people to help you to manually deliver bonuses. And actually start conversations with the people who are purchasing your offers. You’re talking to people and actually thanking them. Spending some time learning about who they are, what they do, ask them questions if you can.
Bonus delivery is a great chance to cultivate those relationships. You’re investing into those relationships. Just think about what that does, in the long run. When it comes to things like repeat customers and repeat sales to the same customer. It doesn’t happen overnight. It does take a lot of time and effort. But if you’re serious about what you do in your business, and want to have long-term success, this is how you do it. The con to the manual delivery is obviously the time factor.

Put your bonus offers right on the sales page (direct)

You can have a bonus offer saying:
,,if you buy today or buy before the expiry date (whatever it may be) we’re gonna throw in a bonus”.
Or they can choose their bonus from a large selection of other products. It works really, really well. Because people feel like they’re getting something custom to their needs. And they’re getting a chance to choose. This is a good model because people coming to your particular offer. They’re not getting the same free package bonus as everyone else. They’re actually getting a choose-your-own-bonus-type of scenario here.
Here is an example 

Put your bonus offers right on the sales page

You can also add a bonus on a sales page for an affiliate offer. If you’re promoting someone else product launch, you’re getting your commissions from referring sales. You could send customer direct from your email or your social media promotion to the vendor sales page. Or you can create your own web page and set up a bonus page. I talked about the idea of creating your own hosted page. Here you explain an affiliates offer, then you explain the bonuses.
In some cases where may be a multi-part bonus, we can say :
if you buy the main program we’ll give you this bonus or if you buy the up sell we’ll give you that bonus.
Hosting your own affiliate type of offer like this, gives you a chance to dive deep with the type of bonuses you want to deliver. Plus you’re driving traffic to your own website. Is kind of pre-qualify people before you send them over, to the affiliate offer that you want to promote. So, on your site, it will give you a higher conversion affiliate offers. And will give you a chance to explain yourself before you send your prospects and customers to these affiliate offers.
And that works well.

Bonus within email promotion

The other one method is doing a bonus right within your email promotion. So, you don’t even necessarily need to explain anything beyond the email itself. Simply just mentioning that there’s a bonus available, will help you increase your conversion. Then right inside of the email let’s say:
hey, by the way, we’ve added a bonus. The bonus will be found right on the download page or you can claim it by sending us an email with your receipt.
So there’s a bunch of different models there I talked about.
Quick reviewing :
  • put a bonus right on your sales page
  • put a bonus on a pre-sales page for an affiliate or
  • just do it right inside of your campaigns email social.


Multi-part bonus method.

This is where you’ll offer more than one bonus related to the main offer and it can be reveale over several days. Again, it works for direct selling of your own stuff. Or if you’re doing affiliate promotions for other people. I really like this multi-part bonus method. If you’re promoting something that’s new, like a launch or, if you’re doing some kind of campaign you’ll need to do a series of follow-ups emails.
It can be a four-day special price for your customers only. or somethig else… It’s not just one email broadcast and that’s it.
Usually you have to do many emails to your list to get people interested and get their attention. Most marketing has some touch points before people will make a decision, as you know. So having a multi-part bonus will give you an excuse to send out more promotions saying: ,,hey there’s something I didn’t even tell you about before”.
It’s great for follow-up series, because at the same time you are building follow-up and building anticipation. There is one model that we used right on our own launch.
So we had a new product come out. And on day one, we said: ,,starting tomorrow we’re gonna reveal the first of three different bonuses”. So we have a total of three launch bonuses available.
So if the people that are impatient and want to know what the bonuses are, they’ll go ahead and buy your offer. And if the people aren’t sure yet, they’re kind of on the fence. They want to see what you have in store. They can watch for your follow up emails and see the bonuses that you’re revealing day two, day three, day four.
So here is an example, what we did was simple to say :
  • we had a launch bonus number one, were some tip sheets and
  • then the next day there was some extra content and then
  • the third day there was an even bigger bonus, it was the best of all three.
And that’s generally the mode I will suggest to use if you’re gonna do a multi-part bonus.
Then be sure that thee bonuses you reveal one after the next that they get better and better. So people grow more and more excited as you talk about this offer and the related bonuses.. Same thing you’re promoting, either your own stuff or an affiliates’ thing.

Happy people recieve strategic bonuses

The surprise bonus method

This works amazing if you’re just starting out. This is where you do a direct or personal follow-up with your customers and investing in those relationships. There’s millions of websites out there, and they chose to consume your content. So, be grateful for that and give back to that. You must invest time into talking to the people that have made any kind of sale with you. Or just opted in to your list or have downloaded your free stuff. Because they’ve still taken time to invest in your business.
They’re reading your content and they’re going through the material that you’re putting out there. Even if they haven’t spent money yet, that’s a win in itself. So you can follow this method for either.
This surprise bonus method lets you take that step kind of another level deeper. We’re gonna do a direct followup with customers. What you’re going to do is contact people who have made a purchase with you and send a no cash bonus offer, as thank you gift. Now, you can do this yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you.
And what you’ll do is just send an email saying that we’ve got this surprise bonus. You can let them choose their bonuses or you could just deliver the bonus, a single bonus to them. When they reply, they usually say something like: ,,wow this is awesome and totally unexpected that’s great. I’ll take the bonus B”. So you deliver the bonus but, at the same time, you inform him about another offer you have.
So they get their bonus. They get their free content. They’re totally fulfilled but that now they might be a bit curious like: ,,okay what is this other special offer that these guys got?” I mean these guys are giving me all kinds of value. What is it they have to offer ? And this is a great way of drumming up new sales that you may not be getting otherwise.


The surprise bonus method

So if you’re using a help desk, take advantage of templates like this to help that communication. You’re still talking one-to-one, but a lot of the message, the body of that message is pre-filled in for you. And it will save you a lot of time. And this is all genuine. We actually do this, we want our customers to get extra content because this is what we do for a living.
So if we can give them more stuff, and they can actually use it, then there’s a good chance they’ll come back and buy even more from us, in the long run.
We’re committing to giving them more content, to get more value in their business. And we hope that we stay on their minds as we deliver, and we create more stuff. In the future they think of us when they want to buy more content. That’ll actually be a genuine thing. This it’s not some public offer that they get sent out to affiliates. Will actually create something that’s only for these bonuses’ requester.
Either way, it is a win–win situation. If they go check out the private offer and buy it great you’ve generated some revenue. If not, that’s fine too. Maybe only 10% of the people actually even go and check it out. So it’s not like a giant revenue generation opportunity for your company, but it will make you some money. And more important, it creates this long-term relationship where your customers are getting this extra value.
So in the long run, this will come back to serve you as well as give them that much more value.

The survey bonus method.

The message is this: we’re giving people an opportunity to collect a free product from us in exchange for their survey input. You create an incentive for a feedback or survey input. I see a lot of marketers, I’m sure you do as well, sending an email to their list or, sending a social post saying:
I’d love to know how I can serve you better. You quickl fill in the survey, let us know ABCs, or give us a paragraph feedback on what you’d like to see more of.
Which is great and I’m sure it works. But for me I feel like when I receive those emails, I’m like ,,well what’s in it for me? I’m gonna give you all this feedback. And you’re gonna be able to build your business, but I’m investing my time and I don’t get anything out of it” So I try to put myself in the customers shoes and hoped, you can start doing this as well. And I would think: ,,okay, well ,what would inspire me to actually want to reply to a survey? Usually I just delete those emails I’ll be honest. You probable do too. But if somebody came to me and offer me something free for my time, likely I will help him.
So it’s a nice gesture because you’re respecting the person’s time. But it’s also added benefit they’re gonna get something. So to me, it’s a superior approach to the traditional model of ,,hey just give me feedback for nothing”. Are you’re likely going to get more survey responses. People are going to get something for investing the time into giving you survey input. But, there’s a covert bonus here as well or benefit here.
You can follow a simple system:
  • when somebody buys something from you, they go into a workflow.
  • you’ll send a series of emails to people immediately after they’ve made a purchase. A thank-you email saying about surprise bonus that they can claim.
  • the next day you might send a follow-up saying ,,hey did you get your bonus? And sell something else, who knows what it is.
  • then usually, on the third day, we’ll thank for feedback and reward with a free product.
What happens is we collect the feedback, and we put it into an database list ,that we can reference over time.
Customers feedback gave us list of how they use our products, questions they have or problems they come up against. And in each one of those scenarios, we gave them a free product thanking them for that input.
That covert benefit here. They were really excited to get a free product. We were really excited to get their feedback to develop training, to come up with new product ideas and so on.
We’re learning by based on what customer product or what bonuses they’re selecting. What are the hottest topics, and what we should be creating more of. We get to see what think, what the hottest topics are, with the biggest push-button questions are. So I can create training, and we could create products based on what our market needs. But they’re actually getting a chance to get a bonus, and then we can continue a dialogue with those customers.

Using PLR products for bonuses

You have to organize all your personal possible bonuses into a central archive (existing products, custom-built material, etc). If you want to try any of these methods and you don’t currently have any bonuses in your business then take a look at using private label rights products. This is where PLR will come in handy. If you have PLR sitting on your hard drive not used, this is been a GREAT place to start. PLR can help you create an archive of potential bonus products so that you can pull off one or more of these methods.
It’s very difficult if you’re creating bonuses from scratch. But what if the bonus report comes from PLR ? All you’have to do is downloading a PLR package that already has out that information. And you’re just re-purposing and re-branding it to your business . Now you’ve cut out that time of having to create that bonus product.


strategic bonuses infographics


Do this several times. And then you can create a platform, store, archive a repository, or a large giant list of bonus products to offer people. You test out all these different methods. I hope it’s given you a couple of ideas here. Feel free to reach out and let me know if you have any questions or if there’s anything I can talk about Thanks very much for reading this article.Hope you enjoy and give this bonus method a shot.




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